Wisdom Teeth Removal for Adults: What to Expect?

Wisdom Teeth Removal for Adults: What to Expect?

Jul 07, 2022

Wisdom teeth are teeth that grow at the back of your mouth and entirely consist of molars. Although the age at which wisdom teeth start to grow may vary among patients, many start growing their wisdom teeth during their late teenage years and early twenties.

The average adult has 4 wisdom teeth, one on each side of the upper and lower jaw. However, it is possible to have more than 4 wisdom teeth or even none. If you have more than 4 wisdom teeth, the extra ones can be referred to as supernumerary teeth.

When to Get Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

If there is a lack of enough room for wisdom teeth to grow, they may become impacted and require an Oral Surgeon For Wisdom Teeth Removal in Toronto, ON, to remove.

Impacted wisdom teeth need to be removed since they can get infected with dental caries, inflammation, and gum infection. Although there are conservative treatment options available, the most preferred treatment for impacted wisdom teeth involves the extraction of the tooth.

During the Procedure

A Maxillofacial surgeon in Toronto, ON, will explain the procedure to you before starting the operation.

An anesthetic will be administered to you through injection to numb the area surrounding the tooth.

You might experience some pressure as the tooth is extracted since we will rock it back and forth to loosen it from its socket. Depending on how the tooth is impacted, we might have to make an incision in the gum and extract the tooth piece by piece.

The entire operation may take 20 minutes or more to complete per wisdom tooth. You might experience swelling and discomfort, but this will reduce as the wound heals with time.

Possible Complications After the Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

There are risks of complications after removing an impacted wisdom tooth as with every surgery. Here are a few common examples and how to treat or prevent them.

Delayed Healing

Delayed healing is common in patients who smoke after oral surgery. The wound site may reopen since smoking slows down the blood clotting process, which is vital for the healing of a wound.

Dry Socket

A dry socket is a condition that causes an aching sensation in your jaw or gums and may sometimes be accompanied by a foul smell or taste from an empty tooth socket. To ensure you don’t fall victim to it, follow all your dentist’s instructions.

Nerve Damage

Although rare, nerve damage may occur and cause a tingling or numb sensation in your lower lip, chin, teeth, tongue, and gums. In most cases, nerve damage is temporary and will go away, but if the symptoms persist, visit a dental clinic near you for treatment.

Advantages of Removing Wisdom Teeth

Reduce Tooth Crowding

When wisdom teeth start to erupt, they can cause overcrowding and harm adjacent teeth. If there is no space to accommodate them, wisdom teeth can push out adjacent teeth and cause alignment issues. Removing wisdom teeth can reduce overcrowding and save you the expenses of getting braces or other orthodontics treatment to correct tooth alignment issues.

Prevent Damage to Adjacent Teeth

The pressure exerted by wisdom teeth as they grow can weaken the roots of surrounding teeth and leave them exposed to cavities. Furthermore, wisdom teeth can be tough to reach and clean when brushing your teeth, making them prone to infection.

Reduces the Risk of Inflammation and Oral Diseases

Impacted wisdom teeth are prone to decay and can cause gum inflammation. Once your teeth get infected, the infection can gradually spread and enter the bloodstream resulting in dangerous conditions such as sepsis. In addition, these diseases can be hard and costly to treat in the future; thus, wisdom teeth removal may be necessary.

Prevents Tumors, Cysts, and Jaw Disorders

Since impacted wisdom teeth are difficult to clean, they can provide a sustaining ground for bacteria and germs. Germs can cause cysts and tumors to form, resulting in jawbone-related diseases.


Wisdom teeth can be impacted and cause severe dental problems if not treated soon. To prevent dental emergencies in the future, you should have your wisdom tooth extracted at Toronto East Maxillofacial Surgery as soon as it starts being problematic. We have highly trained staff that use the latest dental technology to treat the severest dental issues.

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