Orthodontic Exposure of Impacted Teeth in Toronto, ON

An impacted tooth is one that remains partially or entirely trapped under the gums when it should have erupted. Many patients experience tooth impaction in regards to their wisdom teeth.

Impacted canines or upper eyeteeth should ideally be exposed as they form a crucial component of your bite. The upper eyetooth, also known as maxillary cuspid tooth, takes second place as far as frequency of tooth impaction. The upper eyetooth is a strong biting tooth and has the longest tooth roots. If you have impacted upper eyeteeth, our oral surgeon in Toronto, ON, will recommend exposing the impacted teeth to preserve your bite and aesthetics.

Causes of Tooth Impaction

Tooth impaction is often a result of inadequate space or arch length for the eruption of teeth. Other factors that influence tooth impaction include:

  • Dense overlying bone
  • The positioning of adjacent teeth
  • Over-retention of primary or baby teeth
  • Genetic abnormalities or hereditary predisposition

Typically, the upper eyeteeth erupt around the age of 13. If our oral surgeon near you detects signs of impaction around this age, every effort will be made to facilitate its exposure. We recommend exposing impacted teeth during the early teen years, as there’s a greater chance of success during these ages.

Exposure and Bracketing

Beyond a certain age, usually age 12, an impacted eyetooth may not erupt on its own even if space has been cleared for its eruption. As such, a procedure known as exposure and bracketing may be necessary. Exposure and bracketing involve making an incision through the gum to expose the tooth and then attaching a bracket to the exposed tooth. This orthodontic bracket allows for the attachment of a chain that is then linked to a rubber band that gently pulls the tooth and guides it to its correct position.

The operation of exposing and bracketing an impacted tooth is performed under anesthesia. Some patients may also require sedation to remain calm and relaxed during this procedure.

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