Grafting for Dental Implants in Toronto, ON

We can lose teeth due to trauma, periodontal disease, and other factors. Finding an oral surgeon near you who can provide grafting for dental implants in Toronto, ON, can be an important step in tooth replacement. At Toronto East Maxillofacial Surgery, we are happy to assist with this part of the process.

What Are Dental Implants?

Many people are familiar with dental bridges and dentures but not implants. As most people know, bridges and dentures often rely on surrounding teeth and gums for attachment or support.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are placed directly into the jawbone. We place a titanium or zirconium screw in the jawbone and wait for it to adhere before placing the remainder of the implant.

Who Needs is Bone Grafting for Dental Implants?

As we mentioned earlier, dental implants rely on jawbones for attachment and support. When a patient has bone loss due to infections, malnutrition, or other factors, we need to perform a bone graft, so the implant has something to adhere to.

Bone grafts can be acquired from other areas of the body. Alternatively, we can acquire bone grafts from cadavers and animals. Bone grafts require several months to heal and integrate with the patients’ jawbones.

After we confirm healing, we can start placing the implant. Patients who don’t require bone grafts will complete the process in a shorter time. We won’t hesitate to tell you that you need a bone graft, however, to maximize the odds of success.

third molar impaction treatment

third molar impaction treatment

third molar impaction treatment

third molar impaction treatment
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