Dental Infections in Toronto, ON

Different parts of our bodies can become infected, and our teeth and oral cavities are no different. At Toronto East Maxillofacial Surgery, we deal with dental and secondary facial infections near you routinely. These infections range from mild to severe. One thing is for certain: if you have a fever and/or swelling from possible dental infection in Toronto, ON, don’t postpone seeing an oral surgeon near you.

At Toronto East Maxillofacial Surgery, you can trust us to take care of your dental infections. Having an oral surgeon in Toronto, ON, near you can make a huge difference. Our goal is to intervene as quickly as possible to protect your overall health.

Do You Have a Dental Infection?

Patients need to recognize the symptoms of a possible dental infection. This can help them seek dental help quickly rather than postpone treatment. Patients with dental infections might feel feverish. They might also notice swelling, decreased mouth opening, and difficulty swallowing.

Treating Dental Infections

The treatment of dental infections will depend on their severity. Mild cases can be referred to a general dentist for root canal treatment. If an abscess is diagnosed, we might need to incise and drain it.

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