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We have included a syringe in your post­operative bag. We recommend that you start to use this syringe on post­operative day 5. The day of your surgery is day zero. We require this waiting period to avoid dry sockets, which can occur during the first few days after the extractions. The syringe is used to flush food and debris from the extraction sites. Infections can occur if food stays trapped in these sockets. The syringe should be used as follows:

Start using the syringe on day five. Surgery day is considered day zero.

The syringe is to be used on lower extraction areas ONLY.

Fill the syringe with the prescription mouthwash (Chlorhexidine) or with salt water (1 tsp. of salt per 8 oz. of water), then insert the curved tip down into the extraction hole and push the liquid out of the syringe.

One full syringe should be used in each lower extraction area. It is very important to make sure that the tip is penetrating down into the extraction socket when you flush the site. If the tip is only on the surface of the gum tissue, then the food and debris will NOT be flushed out.

The syringe should be used 2 ­3 times per day or until you can no longer fit the syringe into the extraction area. Everyone is different when it comes to healing time for the extraction sockets. You may have holes in the lower extraction sites for longer than a month. On average patients should continue rinsing the lower extractions sites for 2 weeks.

Monojet Syringe Instructions

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