1. Vehicles, power tools, or any machinery:
    • Vehicles, power tools, or any machinery must NOT be operated for 24 hours following sedation or intravenous anaesthetic. Avoid tasks requiring co-ordination or judgement during this time. You are advised to avoid alcohol, sedatives, or tranquillizers until the following day. If in doubt, ask your surgeon.
  2. Risk of Falling:
    • You must walk with assistance and support under both arms for the remainder of the day.
    • Be careful going from the lying down position to standing. You could get light headed from low blood sugar or medications. You should sit for one minute before getting up.
  3. Sleeping:
    • Avoid falling asleep until your normal bedtime in the evening.
    • Do NOT sleep with gauze in your mouth. It could become a choking hazard.
    • Oral Diabetic medication should be held the morning of your surgery and can be continued when normal diet resumes.
    • Please monitor your sugar levels closely. After every meal, after every injection of insulin, after vomiting.
    • If you take insulin: Take short acting insulin after your meal(s) as opposed to predicting your food intake and taking insulin in advance of a meal. This will avoid sugar levels dropping too low if nausea/vomiting develop after eating.
    • Notify the office and your physician if levels are not normal.