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The following sections deal with specific health areas and conditions. When you come for your appointment a nurse and doctor will review the form with you and may ask follow up questions. If a section does not apply to you use the None of these conditions/questions apply to me checkbox at the bottom of that section.

* Brain/Spine
Check any conditions that apply to you
General Depression
Bipolar Depression
Anxiety Disorder
Anorexia / Bulemia
Schizophrenia / Schizoaffective disorder
Parkinson’s Disease
Seizure disorder
Multiple Sclerosis
Myasthenia Gravis, Muscular Dystrophy
Have you ever fainted before?
Yes  No
Have you ever had a panic attack?
Yes  No
Brain/Spine details
None of these conditions/questions apply to me
* Heart
Check any conditions that apply to you
High Blood Pressure
High cholesterol
History of Heart Attack Year and Month (YYYY-MM)

Where stents placed (number, type, date)

Was a cardiac bypass performed?
Yes  No

History of angina/chest pain Is it new onset?
Yes  No

Is it getting worse?
Yes  No

Does it occur with minimal exertion or rest?
Yes  No

Do you use nitroglycerin?
Yes  No

History of a stroke Year-Month (YYYY-MM)

Type of stroke

How was it treated?

History of irregular heart beat
History of heart murmur
Fake heart valve
Heart Failure
Cardiac Pacemaker/defibrillator
Heart defect from birth?
Yes  No Repaired
Paritally repaired

Can you walk up two flights of stairs?
Yes  No
Do you have to sleep with a pillow so that you do not get out of breath?
Yes  No
Do your ankles swell?
Yes  No
Heart details
None of these conditions/questions apply to me
* Lungs
Check any conditions that apply to you
Asthma What triggers the asthma? Cold weather, sickness, exercise, other

How many times a week/month do you use the blue inhaler?

COPD (chronic bronchitis/emphysema)
Blood clot in your lungs/veins of legs/arms
Sleep Apnea
Sinus trouble/Sinus disease
Any recent sore throat or phlegm filled cough?
Yes  No
Do you feel chronically tired, even after you sleep?
Yes  No
Lungs details
None of these conditions/questions apply to me
* Glands/Hormones
Check any conditions that apply to you
Diabetes Diabetes type?
Type 1  Type 2

When were you diagnosed?

What is your normal sugar (glucose) range?

What is the highest and lowest your sugar (glucose) has ever been?

What was your sugar (glucose) level today?

Have had your normal meals today?
Yes  No

Have you ever been to the hospital for your sugar being too high or too low?
Yes  No

Do you have any related chronic kidney problems?
Yes  No

Do you get any tingles in your fingers and/or toes?
Yes  No

Thyroid or parathyroid irregularities
Are your levels high/low?
High  Low

Have you had any constipation/diarrhea, temperature irregularities, unexplained weight loss or gain, palpitations?
Yes  No

Adrenal (steroid) gland abnormality
Have you taken steroid pills?
Yes  No At what dose?

For how many days/weeks/months?

Glands/Hormones details
None of these conditions/questions apply to me
* Stomach
Check any conditions that apply to you
Crohns Disease or Ulcerative Colitis
Acid Reflux
Hepatitis A/B/C
Jaundice/Liver disease
Alcohol withdrawl
Pancreatitis (h/o of acute/chronic)
Are you having normal bowel movements?
Yes  No
Stomach details
None of these conditions/questions apply to me
* Kidneys
Check any conditions that apply to you
Acute kidney disease
Chronic kidney disease
Dialysis treatment
Polycystic kidney disease
Do you take supplements for or have irregular levels of Potassium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium
Are you urinating normally?
Yes  No
Kidneys details
None of these conditions/questions apply to me
* Bleeding
Check any conditions that apply to you
Hemophilia A or B
Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), Idiopathic thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP)
Von Willebrand Disease
Iron deficiency anemia
Sickle cell anemia
Have you ever had abnormal bleeding after any surgery, extraction or trauma?
Yes  No
Do you bruise easily?
Yes  No
Do you get nosebleeds frequently?
Yes  No
Have you ever had a blood transfusion?
Yes  No
Bleeding details
None of these conditions/questions apply to me
* Bones and Joints
Check any conditions that apply to you
Rheumatoid Arthritis
Artificial joint replacement Which joint?

How long ago?

Have you ever received an intravenous medication known as bisphosphonate? For example - Zometa (zoledronic acid) or Aridia (pamidronate)?
Yes  No
Are you taking or have you taken the oral medication known as bisphosphonate for osteoporosis or another medical condition? For example - Fosamax (alendronate), Actonal (risedronate) or Boniva (ibandronate sodium)?
Yes  No How many years?

Are you taking or have you taken an injection of the medication Prolia (denosumab) for osteoporosis or another medical condition?
Yes  No Number of months since last injection

Bones and Joints details
None of these conditions/questions apply to me

* Other
Check any conditions that apply to you
Syphilis, Gonorrhea, Herpes Simplex virus, human papilloma virus or other sexually transmitted infections
HIV or other immunodeficiency
Cancer/Tumour/Malignancy Please specify


Do you wear contact lenses?
Yes  No
Do you have or have you ever had ANY disease, condition, or problem NOT listed above?
Yes  No Please specify
Other details
None of these conditions/questions apply to me

* Medication List
Please list any type of medication you are presently taking (prescription or non-prescription).
Please specify if you are taking blood thinners:
Medication / Dose / Frequency
Medication details
I do not take any medications
* Allergies/Sensitivities
Check any allergies or sensitvities that apply to you
Local anesthetic (freezing) Reaction

General anesthetic (being put to sleep in the hospital) Reaction

Antibiotic (like PENICILLIN or AMOXICILLIN) Reaction

Codeine/narcotic Reaction

Latex Reaction

Other Type of allergy/sensitivity

Allergies/Sensitivities details
I do not have any allergies

* Past Surgical History/Hospitalizations
Have you ever had a surgery before?
Yes  No Did you have any bleeding complications or complications related to the anesthesia/sedation?
Yes  No
Have you been to the hospital for anything other than surgery?
Yes  No
Surgery/Hospital details
I have not had surgery/hospitalizations in the past
* Family History
Is there a history of any bleeding disorders?
Yes  No
Is there any history or problems or complications related to going to sleep in the hospital under anesthesia?
Yes  No
Do you have a family history of heart disease?
Yes  No
Do you have a personal or family history of any muscle diseases?
Yes  No
Family history details
None of these conditions/questions apply to me
* Social History
Do you smoke cigarettes or cigars?
Yes  No How many per day?

How many years?
Do you drink alcohol?
Yes  No How many drinks per day on average?
Do you use any recreational drugs?
Yes  No How many times per week on average?
Social History details
None of these conditions/questions apply to me

* For Women
Is there any chance you could be pregnant?
Yes  No
Are you breastfeeding?
Yes  No
Are you taking oral contraceptives?
Yes  No
For Women details
None of these conditions/questions apply to me
* Considering Sedation for Surgery?
Are you considering sedation/relaxation medication during surgery?
Yes  No
Do you snore loudly?
(loud enough to be heard through closed doors)
Yes  No  Not known
Do you often feel tired, fatigued, or sleepy
during the daytime?
Yes  No
Has anyone observed
you stop breathing
during your sleep?
Yes  No  Not known
Do you have or are
you being treated for
high blood pressure?
Yes  No
Body Mass Index more than 35 kg/m2?
Yes  No  Not known
Age over 50 years old?
Yes  No
Shirt Collar Size:
17" or greater for Males
16" or greater for Females
Yes  No  Not known
Yes  No

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